About Us

You Work Differently. We Think Differently  

Commercial real estate brokerages are known for many things but disruption & innovation are not typically on that list – but that is changing in the aftermath of the COVID19 Pandemic. What is most important is having service providers who can think outside the box and react quickly

Speed and agility, not size, is critical to success.

Our Team

Jim Wilson

Sales Representative

Pat Jankowski

Sales Representative

Tesha Persaud

Administrative Assistant

Competitors call us outliers. Landlords call us disruptors. Clients call us innovators.

Access knowledge

Outsource Your Real Estate Function

And Access A Wide Range Of Services

Increase Efficiency

Retain An Experienced Real Estate Team

To Accelerate Project Delivery Timelines 


Reduce costs

Eliminating Real Estate Project Risk And

Generate More Value From Fewer Sqft